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20" x 30", edition of 100

One of the most iconic watches of all time, the Tank is effortlessly timeless transcending any era of style. Louis Cartier designed the prototype in 1917 taking inspiration from the Renault FT tank. The case resembles the cockpit and the 'brancards' (vertical bars on either side) echo its treads. I'm enthralled by the idea that one of the most elegant design objects of the 20th century was inspired by a war machine; the idea that you can empty something of its negative content and repurpose it for good. I've kept the woven inspiration fairly simple so as not to detract from the watch's details and placed five rivets from the Renault tank on the straps. 

The time is set to 7:22 (or 19h22) for the year the Tank Louis Cartier was first released.




Printed to the highest industry quality by an excellent fine art printer using fully archival Epson inkjet pigments on 100% cotton rag Epson Signature Hot Press Bright paper, hand-cut to select paper sizes.

Prints are numbered and signed.

Tank Louis Cartier by Julie Kraulis

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