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Our First Annual Membership Marketplace August 18th, 2022

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The Horological Society of Utah in its short time of existence has strived to offer for its membership and the community many different presentations, venues, vendors and educational opportunities. For the first time and based on the participation probably not the last, the Society hosted its first Membership Marketplace where members and non-members alike for a small fee could attend and sell, buy and swap timepieces and time piece related materials. As the Society advertised in their first social media video short, we had watches from Timex to Rolex and everything in between. The event was a roaring success. We were hosted by Erkelens & Olsen Auctioneers and Appraisers also members of the Society, who in the spirit of their vocation held a small auction for us of watches and swag with a portion of the proceeds going to the Society. I think when a few of us dreamed up this group a few years ago we never really knew how the Society would grow and prosper. I can tell you from my own interactions with our members and friends and the notoriety we have gained from our peers we are all happy with the results. Here’s to continued events and friendships as the hands of time tick on.


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