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Build a Watch and Educational Community Day Weekend

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Build a Watch on Saturday (9/4/21) and Educational Community Day today (9/6/21)! Your support for our organization is monumental in our ability to reach more people and grow the local watch community and culture.

We have had the fortunate opportunity to host the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and their Mobile Classroom for these events and I wanted to also express my gratitude to them as well and their Education Director, Jason Champion.

When we started this organization last year, one of our main goals was to raise the level of quality of events beyond the run of the mill get togethers we had been doing for a few years. Weekends like these give us more building blocks to get closer to that vision.

The Board of Directors has been working very hard organizing these events and coming up with what's next. Stay involved, stay in contact, become a supporting member, there are always more incredible things to come.

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